Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

October was a huge month to celebrate Crypto.com’s impact and reach across  the world. We launched our first global brand campaign: Fortune Favours the Brave starring Oscar winner and humanitarian Matt Damon, directed by Oscar winner Wally Pfister and produced by David Fincher.

We are committed to building the future of the internet: Web3. Powered by cryptocurrency, Web3 will be more fair and equitable, owned by the builders, creators and users. The campaign highlights Crypto.com’s own ethos, while inspiring those who want to change the course of history with a timeless phrase first uttered thousands of years ago.

See the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hBC5TVdYT8

The campaign will be seen in 20+ markets which targets to drive mass adoption in full force. Earlier in October we reached an important milestone: 1M followers on Twitter. Thank you to the community — those who’ve been with us from the beginning and those who’ve just joined.

Our partnership with Matt Damon extends beyond the campaign, with our USD 1 million donation to the global non-profit he co-founded. The funds will be used to provide clean water to millions in need. Together, Crypto.com and Water.org believe that all people should have equal access to the platforms and life changing resources that support self-determination. Through this unique partnership, we will also be creating opportunities for the broad crypto community to join in and support this mission.

In preparation for Cronos Mainnet launch, we introduced Cassini – an incentivised testnet with a prize pool of up to USD 300,000 as the final dry run before the mainnet launch. Thank you to all the Testers and Builders who participated, event results and highlights are on the way. We are also halfway through the hackathon with multiple speaker sessions along the way to support the projects on board. We can’t wait for the mainnet launch on the 8 Nov!

Our product development pipeline has continued to accelerate across all platforms. Highlights include zero-fee stablecoin conversions on the Exchange, BTC and ETH Monthly Futures, and Exchange Derivatives launched sub-accounts; 5 new tokens on Earn with up to 6% p.a including SOL, AVAX and LUNA. The App became multi-chain for deposit & withdrawals,, with Arbitrum, Polygon, Solana and Avax-C support; DeFi Wallet + Browser Extension: Crypto.com Wallet Extension launched to easily connect the DeFi Wallet with decentralised apps (DApps). Read on for details about these updates and more.


​​Crypto.com Launches Fortune Favours the Brave

We’re excited to announce that Crypto.com has rolled out a global ad campaign, ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’. The campaign, starring Matt Damon, will appear in 20+ countries and is directed by Oscar winner Wally Pfister and produced by David Fincher. Watch it here.

Matt Damon and Water.org Partner with Crypto.com

Crypto.com is proud to partner with Matt Damon and Water.org, the global nonprofit organisation that brings clean water and sanitation resources to those in need. We’re making a USD 1,000,000 direct donation to support its mission and will launch initiatives to encourage our users to join us. Learn more here.

1M Followers on Twitter

We now have 1 million followers on Twitter! A big thank you to the community—let’s keep accelerating the world’s transition to cryptocurrency together. Be sure to follow us on Twitter if you haven’t done so already.

​​Cassini – Cronos Incentivised Testnet

Cassini, the Cronos incentivised testnet was held between 5 and 18 October, with more than 10,500 testers and 30 builders participating in various tasks. Campaign details here.


Crypto.com App users have the chance to win a Shiboshi of their choice and a share of USD 100,000 in SHIB. Shiboshis are a collection of 10,000 exclusive Shiba Token-generated NFTs. Learn more here.

Crypto Earn Now Supports ONE, FLOW, AVAX, SOL, and LUNA

We have added ONE, FLOW, AVAX, SOL, and LUNA to Crypto Earn. Users can now enjoy up to 6% p.a. interest on ONE, FLOW, and AVAX, 4.5% p.a. on SOL, and 3% p.a. on LUNA deposits. Crypto.com Private users are entitled to another 2% p.a. Interest.

Exchange Introduces Zero-Fee Stablecoin Conversions

We are pleased to announce that Exchange users can now convert between different stablecoins at a 1:1 ratio with zero transaction fees. This feature enables users to conveniently exchange between and trade with the stablecoins of their choice. Learn more here.

Crypto.com Exchange Launches BTC and ETH Monthly Futures

Users can settle in USDC, control their account leverage, and enjoy discounted trading fees based on the amount of CRO they stake in the Exchange. Monthly Futures will settle on the last Friday of each month at 08:00 UTC. More details here.

Serie A VIP Tickets and Club Jerseys Giveaway

To continue our celebration of Crypto.com officially becoming the first technology and innovation partner of Italy’s premier football league, Serie A, we are giving away 5 pairs of Serie A VIP tickets and 5 official Serie A club jerseys. This campaign is open to new and existing users who deposit stablecoins and Spot trade during the Campaign Period. More details here.

F1 Paddock Club Hospitality Passes Giveaway

We’re giving racing fans the opportunity to win F1 Paddock Club Hospitality Passes. Users only need to trade CRO in the Crypto.com App to participate, where they can win a pair of tickets to the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021 (10 – 12 Dec) worth over USD 50,000! Learn more here.

R&I Research Wizard Rewards

The Crypto.com Research and Insights Team is looking for savvy crypto writers, researchers, and analysts to share their knowledge. Contributors will be rewarded with up to USD 200 of CRO for every article they publish. Learn more about the contributor benefits here and apply today.

Crypto.com NFT Updates:
Crypto.com NFT Reduces Fees for Traders and Creators

Crypto.com NFT now empowers NFT traders and creators to enjoy reduced fees on all sales made before 31 December 2021. Secondary Reseller Fees have been reduced from 5% to 1.99% for NFT traders, and Primary Seller Fees have been reduced from 15% to 1.99% for NFT creators. More details here.

Crypto.com NFT Drops in October

Here are the Crypto.com NFT drops from October:

“CryptoCard Collection #3 – Cronos Hearts” – Crypto.com“365 Days in Surrealland” – Oguz Dogru“Haiku’s Paradise” –  Camila Nogueira“Anjulie VS MACHADOXLEAO and UP Inspiring Motion: White Lights” – MACHADOXLEAO“Jordan Beau x Heard Well: Retro Genesis Drop” – Heard Well“A NEWK3D COLLECTION” – newk3d“Entering the 10th Dimension” – Melissa Vincent“BLOOM” – Natacha Einat“Basket Case” – DEPLONE“Mehmet Turgut Presents: ROCK DROP” – Mehmet Turgut“Postcards From a Dream” – lacabezaenlasnubes“Universe Within” – Himanshu Arya“Dynamic Forces” – Yo Dojo“Cryptoverse Collection #2 – Shibakun” – Crypto.com“The Market” – alexmdc“Erick Sermon x David Strickland – NFT Collection” – David Strickland“Crypto Voxelverse” – Travis Ragsdale“DRESSX x UNSEENBERRIES” – DRESSX“Human Feeling” – TraumAmnesia“Drunk Collection 2” – 2J_sTARY“The Halloween Special” – Pulkit Kudiwal“Spooky Gang” – Enisaurus“Bewitching Halloween” – Bishal“Fear of the Unknown” – Shortest Blockbusters“OUR SPOOKY DREAMS” – Shagun“Endless Night” – Cailbur3D“Powers Of The Dark” – martinvanners“The Great Pumpkin Drop” – Christian Whiticar“Art Pieces That Will Freeze Your Blood” – Stefan Koidl

Don’t miss out and check out the latest drops on Crypto.com/NFT.

Crypto.com Capital Updates:
Crypto.com Capital Invested in Pegaxy

We are proud to participate in Pegaxy’s funding round and support the company on its path to growing the play-to-earn industry alongside games like Axie Infinity. More details here.

Crypto.com Capital Invested in PlaceWar

We are proud to participate in PlaceWar’s seed round, pushing the GameFi infrastructure to greater heights. More details here.

Crypto.com Pay Updates:
CoolBitX Integrates With Crypto.com Pay

We are excited to announce the integration of Crypto.com Pay with CoolBitX. CoolBitX developed CoolWallet, a leading credit card-sized hardware wallet provider. To celebrate our partnership, we have designed and released a new Crypto.com-branded CoolWallet Pro. The first 100 buyers can enjoy 10% off and free shipping. More details here.

Crypto.com App Updates:

GameFi Projects Exclusive Campaign

Crypto.com App users have the chance to win a share of the USD 50,000 prize pool by trading as little as USD 100 of the eligible GameFi Project Tokens. Campaign details here.

South Africa and Kenya Exclusive: USDC Deposit Campaign

South Africa and Kenya users have the chance to win exclusive Crypto.com x Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team swag by depositing USD via SWIFT. Campaign details here.

ONE Exclusive Campaign

Crypto.com App users have the chance to win a share of the USD 20,000 prize pool by trading ONE or depositing the token into Crypto Earn. Campaign details here.

Crypto.com App Lists 15 Tokens

C98, ILV, RAD, SDN, ARPA, PERP, SRM, SFP, GALA, KDA, MOVR, CQT, COTI, PENDLE, and ELON have joined the growing list of 100+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins that are available in the App. Buy crypto at true cost now.

New Deposit and Withdrawal Tokens

DERC, ILV, RAD, EFI, IOTX, WAX, C98, POLY, NMR, REQ, CQT, COTI, PENDLE, ADA (BEP20), LTC (BEP20), DOT (BEP20), BCH (BEP20), AVAX (BEP20), ATOM (BEP20), DOGE (BEP20), USDC (BEP20), UNI (BEP20), LINK (BEP20), MATIC (BEP20), IQ (EOS), USDC (Arbitrum), ETH (Arbitrum), AVAX (AVAX C-Chain), USDC (AVAX C-Chain), ETH (AVAX C-Chain), USDC (Solana) deposits and withdrawals are now supported in the App.

Crypto.com DeFi Updates:
Crypto.com Wallet Extension Now Available

The browser extension enables users to connect their DeFi Wallet with decentralised apps (DApps), offering a seamless experience when interacting with their favourite DApps on the desktop. The Wallet Extension will serve as a bridge to the mobile version of Crypto.com DeFi Wallet. Learn more here.

Crypto.com DeFi Wallet Adds 26 New ERC20 Tokens

VEMP, IOI, FEAR, PKR, BDT, MAID, IGG, DAWN, DVI, BEPRO, SOUL, GZONE, CGG, STRP, VIDT, RING, Xaya, TOWER, VNLA, SPWN, SMI, BCMC, ROCKI, GFX, PKT, and ROYA have joined the growing list of 200+ DeFi tokens that are available in the DeFi Wallet App. Deposit now.

Crypto.com DeFi Wallet Adds 28 New BEP20 Tokens

SPS, ROOM, BUNI, DBALL, WIN, MONSTA, PACOCA, GAFI, SFFUND, BABY, NFTB, BMON, BETU, BIN, HE, MONI, MAT, FINE, XWG, WSG, HERO, DOGEDASH, FINA, PWAR, HEROEGG, FOC, KMON, and CTT have joined the growing list of 200+ DeFi tokens that are available in the DeFi Wallet App. Deposit now.

Crypto.com Exchange Updates:

Crypto.com Exchange Extends Sub-Accounts to Derivatives Exchange

Crypto.com is pleased to share that Sub-accounts are now extended to Derivatives, in addition to Spot and Margin trading on the Exchange. This feature allows users to create multiple Sub-accounts under the Master Account, so they can trade with independent balances, margin, and positions.It is open to both institutional and retail users. More details here.

Exchange Now Integrates With New Networks

The Crypto.com Exchange App now supports Arbitrum and BEP20, and added new ERC20 stablecoins. Trade them now.

New Perpetual Contracts Are Now Available in the Crypto.com Exchange

The AGLDUSD, ONEUSD, and OMGUSD Perpetual Contracts are now available in the Crypto.com Exchange. Traders can use USDT, USDC, and DAI as collateral, access leverage of up to 100x, and enjoy discounted trading fees based on the amount of CRO they stake in the Exchange. More details here.

Crypto.com Exchange Lending Adds New Loan Currencies

Crypto.com Exchange users can now secure FLOW and LUNA loans by borrowing against their crypto and access a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of up to 50%. More details here.

New Leveraged Pairs Added to Margin Trading on the Crypto.com Exchange

Margin Trading now supports new leveraged pairs, namely DYDX/BTC, AVAX/BTC, FTM/BTC, NEAR/BTC, CRV/USDT, HNT/USDT,  FLOW/USDT, DERC/USDT, NEO/USDT, ONE/USDT, LRC/USDT, MANA/USDT, TRB/USDT, ANKR/USDT, BAND/USDT, PENDLE/USDT, XTZ/USDT, SOL/USDC, and LUNA/USDC. Margin Trading allows users to amplify their trading profits through borrowed funds during both up and down market movements and access up to 10x leverage for supported trading pairs. More details here.

New Listings on the Exchange

We listed KLAY, ILV, C98, RAD, BRZ, NU, IOTX, EPS, ONE/USDC, and ONE/BTC on the Exchange. Trade them now.

New Deposit and Withdrawal Tokens

USDC (Arbitrum), ETH (Arbitrum), USDC (BEP20), BUSD (BEP20), and USDC (Solana)  deposits and withdrawals are now supported in the Exchange. Trade them now.

Cronos Updates:

​​Cronos Hackathon x Alchemy

Michael Garland, Product Manager at Alchemy, talked about how to build scalable blockchain applications with Alchemy. Missed it? Watch it here.

Cronos Hackathon x Bison Trails

Elias Simos, Protocol Specialist at Bison Trails, talked about what liquid staking is and where it’s heading. Missed it? Watch it here.

Cronos Hackathon x Cosmostation

David Park, CMO at Cosmostation, talked about cross-chain bridges and DeFi. Missed it? Watch it here.

Cronos Hackathon x Enjin

Lohann Paterno Coutinho Ferreira, Senior Blockchain Engineer at Enjin, demonstrated how easy it is to create on Enjin’s Ethereum-based NFT platform. Missed it? Watch it here.

Cronos Hackathon x BandProtocol

Catherine Tuntiserirat, Head of Growth & Strategy at Band Protocol, talked about the evolution and growth of decentralized oracles. Missed it? Watch it here.

Cronos Hackathon x Chainlink

Zak Ayesh, Developer Advocate at Chainlink, talked about how Chainlink’s data feeds can be used on Cronos Link. Missed it? Watch it here.

Community Updates:

AMA With Covalent

We hosted a live AMA with Ganesh Swami, CEO and Co-Founder of Covalent, on 12 October to discuss and answer viewers’ questions about the project. Missed it? Watch it here.

AMA With IoTeX

We hosted a live AMA with Raullen Chai and Jing Sun, Co-Founders of IoTeX, on 20 October to discuss and answer viewers’ questions about the project. Missed it? Watch it here.

Crypto.com Attends Checkout.com’s Webinar: From TradFi to DeFi

Our CEO Kris Marszalek joined Checkout.com’s CEO Guillaume Pousaz and the others to discuss the future of crypto banking. Missed it? Watch it here.

Crypto.com Attends Coin Nations Summit

Our COO Eric Anziani spoke at Coin Nations Summit to discuss crypto adoption and the future of NFTs. More details here.

Crypto.com Supports Harmony’s Mainnet Upgrade

Crypto.com supported Harmony’s Mainnet Upgrade on 11 October. More details here.

Crypto.com Supports Cardano’s Alonzo Hard Fork

Crypto.com supported Cardano’s Alonzo Hard Fork on 22 October. More details here.

Crypto.com Supports Filecoin’s Network Upgrade

Crypto.com supported Filecoin’s Network Upgrade on 26 October. More details here.

Crypto.com Supports IoTeX’s Network Upgrade and Hard Fork

Crypto.com supported IoTeX Network Upgrade and Hard Fork on 28 October. More details here.

Crypto.com Price Widgets Are Integrated With 11 Media and 3 Token Websites

Crypto.com Price Widgets have been integrated with 11 media and 3 token websites to expand the reach of Crypto.com Price Pages.

5 Tokens’ RSS News Feeds Successfully Integrated With Crypto.com Price

Crypto.com Price was successfully integrated with the news feeds of 5 tokens, enabling users to gain first-hand updates from these projects. These tokens include Livepeer, IoTeX, Horizen, Uquid, and Solve.

Events of the Month:

Shiba Token (SHIB) Trading Campaign

Crypto.com App users had the chance to win a share of the USD 100,000 prize pool and a SHIB NFT created by Crypto.com. Campaign details here.

UFC 268 Ticket Giveaway

We gave away 3 pairs of tickets to UFC 268 and USD 2,000 worth of UFC Store Gift Cards to 10 lucky draw winners. Campaign details here.

2x Referral Bonus: Singapore Users Only

Users received USD 50 of CRO, or double the rewards, for each successful sign-up during the Campaign Period on 13 -25 October. Details here.

Crypto.com Overtaker of the Race Contest: TurkishGP Edition

Users who made a prediction of who will make the most on-track overtakes at the Formula 1 Rolex Turkish Grand Prix 2021 won exclusive prizes. Campaign details here.

Crypto.com Overtaker of the Race Contest: USGP Edition

Users who made a prediction of who will make the most on-track overtakes at Formula 1 Aramco United States Grand Prix 2021 won exclusive prizes. Campaign details here.

AGLD Listed on The Syndicate

AGLD was listed on The Syndicate with a USD 250,000 allocation. Participants can receive their finalised AGLD allocation during the Distribution Period. Event details here.

DYDX Listed on Supercharger

DYDX was listed on Supercharger with a USD 1,000,000 allocation. Participants can receive their DYDX allocation during the Distribution Period. Event details here.



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